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The Good Dino Mini Figure 2 Pk.
The Good Dino Mini Figure 2 Pk.
TOMY The Good Dino Mini Figure 2 Pk. Arlo and Forrest Woodbush
TOMY The Good Dino Mini Figure 2 Pk. Butch and Mary Alice
TOMY The Good Dino Mini Figure 2 Pk. Ramsey and Thunderclap
TOMY The Good Dino Mini Figure 2 Pk. Bubbha and Bisodon

TOMY The Good Dino Mini Figure 2 Pk.



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• Cute stylized design
• Mini figures are 2” tall, and are a fun and quick way to collect all the characters from "The Good Dinosaur" movie
• Collect them all!
• Ages 3+

Available In:
• Nash & Will
• Butch & Mary Alice
• Arlo & Forrest Woodbrush
• Ramsey & Thunderclap
• Bisodon & Bubbha

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Manufacturer's Part Number: #L62905

Big R SKU: #260212

Nash & Will:
An enthusiastic young T-Rex, Nash lives for adventure, and loves it when something unexpected breaks up the routine of herding cattle with his stoic dad, Butch, and his big sister Ramsey. Will the Stegosaurus joins Nash in this two-pack
Butch & Mary Alice:
A rugged Tyrannosaurus Rex, Butch is a stoic and intimidating rancher, and is a cattle rustler’s worst nightmare. Earn his respect, though, and you’ll never find a truer friend. Mary Alice the Triceratops joins Butch in this 2-pack
Arlo & Forrest Woodbrush:
The runt of a family of Apatosauruses, fearful Arlo finds himself far from home, and must brave the harsh wilderness to return to his farm. Forrest Woodbush is a mysterious Styracosaurus who blends into the leaves and brush. His horns are covered with a collection of various tiny forest critters who protect him
Ramsey & Thunderclap:
A fearless, whip-smart, and no-nonsense T-Rex rancher, Ramsey loves the challenge of wrangling cattle out in big sky country with her stoic father, Butch, and her little brother Nash. Thunderclap is a winged storm chaser who poses a great threat to Arlo and Spot during their journey. However, when he encounters the feisty Spot and Arlo, he’s in for a surprise
Bisodon & Bubbha:
Also known as rustlers, the raptors prey on the T-Rexes’ longhorns. They are vicious, fast, and extremely dangerous dinosaurs, but not exactly the brightest. Bubbha the Raptor Rustler is paired with Bisoon in this two-pack

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