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Seal Lion Cub
Seal Lion Cub

Schleich Seal Lion Cub


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Sea lions belong to the eared seals. Californian sea lions are considered the most elegant pinnipeds. They are mostly encountered in groups, they manage to dive up to 40 metres deep, and their prey is mainly fish.

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Sea lions doing their tricks are frequently exhibited in zoos and circuses. Sea lions have large, hairless flippers allowing them to control their body temperature. The rest of their body is covered with thick fur, consisting of permanent underfur and a longer top coat that grows anew annually. Sea lions can dive up to 200 metres below sea level (much deeper than other pinnipeds) to hunt for fish like herring, anchovies and squids. They predominantly stay in the water, except during mating season when there is a good deal of sea lions that crowd the beach they have chosen for reproduction. Most of them set out to these areas in May, so that their pups are born in June. The males are polygamous, which means they mate with several females. The males are also considerably larger than the females and very strong. They protect both their territory and their harem against other males. Sea lions have a life expectancy of nearly 30 years.

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