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Meerkat Standing
Meerkat Standing

Schleich Meerkat Standing


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Meerkats are mongoose mammals with slender bodies and limbs.

Manufacturer's Part Number: #14368

Big R SKU: #5818314368

The weight of two adult meerkats is less than the weight of one gallon of milk. The meerkats make their home in the desert where they live with families called mobs. These mobs include about twenty meerkats, and together they create underground networks. During the day, meerkats forage for food or play while one meerkat stands guard. Meerkats use their claws to dig for insects, snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions, and plants. Sometimes these mammals are seen wrestling or having races! The meerkat community is very social and is known for grooming each other and sharing their homes with other animals. Each meerkat's multi-colored coat has unique and different stripes.

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