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Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw

Schleich Hyacinth Macaw


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With their cobalt-blue plumage and their yellow eye rings, Hyacinth Macaws are beautiful birds. They grow up to one metre and are therefore the largest parrot species.

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Hyacinthe Macaws spend their entire lives with the same partner. With their cobalt-blue plumage, their bright yellow eye rings and their yellow spots on their lower beaks, Hyacinth Macaws are beautiful birds. Being one metre long, they are also the largest parrot species. They are native to south-west Brazil, the world’s largest wetland. There, these social birds live in smaller family flocks consisting of permanent couples and their chicks. Hyacinth Macaws feed on seeds, fruits and nuts, after easily cracking them with their strong beaks.

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