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Emperor Penguin Chicks
Emperor Penguin Chicks

Schleich Emperor Penguin Chicks


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This arctic bird looks regal crowned with golden accents around his head and neck.

Manufacturer's Part Number: #14618

Big R SKU: #5818314618

Penguins can dive to depths in the ocean equivalent to the height of a seventy story building. The second largest species of penguin, the King Penguin is three feet tall and weighs thirty five pounds on average. With its streamlined body, this penguin can swim with little drag with the aid of its flippers. With the aid of a special gland, these birds can drink the water they swim in. To live in harsh conditions, this penguin has four layers of feathers to keep warm and seventy feathers per square inch! The inner three layers are composed of down feathers. The outermost layer of feathers is oiled and waterproof. On land, penguins waddle or toboggan, sliding propelled by feet or flippers. Penguins love to eat fish and squid, but large birds and aquatic mammals love to eat penguins.

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