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Schleich Chipmunk



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Chipmunks are small rodents with striped fur. They are found mainly in North America. Chipmunks live on the forest floor where they dig long tunnel systems. In winter they take an extensive winter rest and live from their collected winter supplies.

Manufacturer's Part Number: #14722

Big R SKU: #5818314722

Chipmunks are very clean. They immediately remove food remains and excrement from their holes. Chipmunks are a type of squirrel. The collective term chipmunk includes approximately 35 different types, spread for the most part throughout North America. Chipmunks inhabit forests. They build extensive tunnel systems which link different chambers and entrances. They build sleeping and storage chambers in which these diurnal animals store food for the winter. In the winter these small rodents take a winter rest which they may interrupt several times when temperatures are mild.

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