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Max Roach Bait + Egg Stop
Max Roach Bait + Egg Stop

RAID® Max Roach Bait + Egg Stop



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• Raid Double Control Roach Baits + Egg Stopper keeps any room pest-free and comes with 12 small roach bait along with three egg stoppers
• You can rest worry-free and trust this pest control to keep your home clean and roach-free
• The roach pest control baits are completely odorless with no penetrating vapors to make it uncomfortable for you or your family
• The baits are also colorless so they won't attract a lot of attention
• The egg stoppers work to sterilize any roaches that are alive to prevent new ones from hatching
• These baits are child-resistant so you can feel confident using them anywhere in your home
• They continue to work for up to three months to ensure that your home is free of the unsightly pests

Manufacturer's Part Number: #15745

Big R SKU: #4650011634

Roaches are tough to control because they reproduce quickly - one roach can lay 40 eggs at a time. Raid® Double Control Small Roach Baits kill roaches where they hide and Raid® Plus Egg Stoppers™ stop them from reproducing to break the life cycle. Raid® Double Control Small Roach Baits are child-resistant.

How to Use:

Small Roach Baits

• Use indoors only
• Separate baits before placement
• Place the baits next to the wall along baseboards, in corners, under sinks, in cabinets and near plumbing fixtures
• For best results, use all 12 baits at once
• Roach bait goes stale after three months
• To keep roaches from returning, replace all baits every three months

Egg Stoppers™

To activate, press down firmly on the pouch on the side of the disc until a snapping sound is heard, indicating that the small capsule inside has been opened.
Place two per average size kitchen (one every 75 sq. ft.) or in areas of heavy roach activity.
Replace every three months for continued effectiveness.


Active Ingredients (Small Roach Baits):

Avermectin B1 (0.05%)

Other Ingredients (99.95%)

Active Ingredient (Egg Stoppers™):

(S)-Hydroprene (95%)

Other Ingredients (5%)


• Contains peanuts or peanut by-products
• Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling
• If in eyes: Hold eye open and rinse with water for 15-20 minutes
• Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first five minutes, then continue rinsing eye
• If on skin or clothing: Take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately for 15-20 minutes
• Hot line number: For 24-hour emergency assistance (human or animal) or chemical emergency assistance (spill, leak, fire, or accident) call1-800-558-5252. Have product with you when you call or go for treatment

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• Do not reuse the bait station or Egg Stoppers™
• If empty: Place in trash or recycle if available
• If partially filled: Call your local solid waste agency or call 1-800-529-3394 for disposal instructions
• Never place unused product down any drain

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