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Total Foot Repair Cream 4 Oz.
Total Foot Repair Cream 4 Oz.

NATURULZ Total Foot Repair Cream 4 Oz.



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• Formulated to penetrate the thickest skin (including the soles of feet, scar tissue, psoriasis, eczema, etc.)
• Chemical free
• Total Foot Repair provides proven topical nourishment aiding the body's own natural efforts by giving damaged and injured skin and under skin tissue exactly what's needed precisely where needed

Manufacturer's Part Number: #NTFR-4

Big R SKU: #5880100212

If we were to start wearing sandals, or going barefoot on a daily basis, we'd quickly notice an increase in the density of the tissue on the soles of our feet. Our skin, our largest organ and our first line of defense against environmental elements compensates against additional stressors and burdens. But when skin begins to crack and scale, when under skin areas calcify and harden (as with neuralgia and plantar fasciitis), it's a ready signal that our body is overburdened and is unable to maintain a proper and healthy balance. While the cosmetic and cosmeceutical industries would recommend the application of simple moisturizers to soften the dead tissue, and the pharmaceutical industry would recommend analgesics and pain killers, our alternative is different.

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