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Revitalizing Oil
Revitalizing Oil

PLEDGE® Revitalizing Oil



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• Give your wood surfaces a healthy glow
• C
ontains special conditioners and natural orange oil to clean and revitalize wood
• Terrific for cleaning kitchen cabinets, windowsills, decorative trim, tables, chairs and more, and it leaves a beautiful shine

Manufacturer's Part Number: #198010

Big R SKU: #4650026363

Safe for use on:


  • Turn spray nozzle to ON setting
  • Hold container upright and spray directly onto surface
  • Using a dry cloth, rub along the grain of the wood. Wait 30 seconds and then wipe off excess to create a deep, clean luster
  • For heavy wax buildup present from other products, allow to stand 5 minutes before wiping. Repeat if necessary
  • If the finish is unknown, first test on an inconspicuous area to check results. Do not spray or use on floors, as it could leave them slippery

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets. May be harmful if swallowed. Contains petroleum distillates thickened to minimize aspiration.

First Aid: If Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Immediately call a Poison Control Center or a physician for advice.
If Inhaled: Get fresh air. If breathing is affected, get medical attention.
Skin: Wash well with soap and water after use.
Eyes: Flush with plenty of water.

White mineral oil White mineral oil is a clear liquid carrier that can also be found in a wide variety of cosmetics, personal care and household products. A carrier does just what it sounds like - it helps carry a product to a surface by thinning or thickening the formula or simply ensuring even distribution of the other ingredients in the formula. We use white mineral oil because without a carrier, the product would not work with the same consistency across a surface. White mineral oil can also be used as a cleaning agent, or "surfactant," that removes dust, dirt and soils, or as a stabilizer that helps maintain a product formula when exposed to air, light or heat.
DimethiconeDimethicone is a silicone film former that can also be found in skin lotions, bath soaps and shampoos. Sometimes referred to as “silicone oil,” dimethicone is the most widely used silicone polymer and is particularly known for its ability to smoothly coat a surface and leave it protected, without being sticky. In products that are applied to the skin, dimethicone can also be used as an emollient that helps soften and smooth the skin. In household products, it creates a protective coating or shine on a surface.
D limoneneD limonene is a cleaning agent that is also one of the most widely used citrus-based fragrance ingredients. It can be found naturally through extracting oil from citrus peels, and is also produced synthetically. It can be used in place of harsher cleaning agents such as toluene or glycol ethers.
Polyglyceryl oleatePolyglyceryl oleate is a cleaning agent, or "surfactant," that can also be found in a variety of personal care products such as moisturizers and concealers. We use it in our products to remove dirt and deposits by surrounding dirt particles to loosen them from the surface they're attached to, so they can be rinsed away.
Fragrance2-methyldecan-1-al; 2-t-butylcyclohexyl acetate; benzyl benzoate; citral; citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil; decanal; hexyl cinnamal; nonanal; octanal; terpineol
ECO Reach Golden Yellow Liquid Dye
ECO Reach Golden Yellow Liquid Dye D20052 is a colorant, or dye. We add dyes to products for a variety of reasons including helping you see where you applied the product, when a product is used up, or for aesthetic reasons. ECO Reach Golden Yellow Liquid Dye D20052 is a product of French Color & Fragrance Co., which is responsible for its contents.
Bitrex®Bitrex® is the trademarked name of denatonium benzoate alcohol, and is added to a wide range of products including cleaners, cosmetics and automotive products. It is a bittering agent that makes a product taste bad to discourage people from accidentally eating products that contain it. Bitrex® is a trademark of the Johnson Matthey Group of companies, which is not affiliated with SC Johnson and which is responsible for its contents.

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