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12 Oz. Contractor Solvent
12 Oz. Contractor Solvent

De-Solv-it® 12 Oz. Contractor Solvent



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• Specifically developed for the Contractor Trade. Designed for the contractor
• A heavy duty degreaser and concrete cleaner
• Even safe on skin and hair
• No harmful vapors, benzene or chlorinated solvents
• This industrial degreaser workhorse is exceptional at cleaning stained concrete, removing silicone, caulk, putty nails, floor adhesive, water seal, wet paint (won’t harm dry paint), roofing tar and more from virtually any surface

Manufacturer's Part Number: #798396

Big R SKU: #7457610022


*This Heavy Duty Citrus Solvent is Not recommended for use on: butyl, suede, leather, any silks, rubber, & elastic items. Remove clothing before treating. This product may not be compatible with all carpeting. USE AT OWN RISK.

For best results, extract with wet/dry vac, Bissell, etc. Do not use on rubber backed rugs.

Remove floor adhesive: 1. Apply (pour or spray) one coat coverage: 200 – 250 Sq. Ft. per gallon (approximately). 2. Remove liquefied adhesive with wet/dry vac, silica sand, cat litter or shovel/scraper. 3. Dispose of according to regulations. 4. Wash concrete thoroughly with degreaser floor wash and rinse before reapplying adhesive.

Tough Stain Challenges (For Oil, Tars, Greases, Fresh Applications, Spills, etc.) 1. Apply. 2. Wipe. 3. Rinse. For best results with our citrus cleaning solvent.

Tougher Challenges (For Tougher Challenges that have started to set-up, yet are still pliable, or somewhat moist): 1. Apply, let set up to 5 min. 2. Peel, scrape, or wipe. 3. Rinse.

Toughest Challenges (For almost impossible challenges such as Liquid Putties, Latex Adhesives, Thicker Applications, Set lacquer, etc.): 1. Apply & let set up to 30 min.-3 hrs. 2. Keep moist with product. 3. Peel, scrape or wipe. Rinse.

Use our Environmentally friendly cleaner and spot remover on:

AdhesivesPro Strength Contractors’ Solvent™ removes duct tape and other tough adhesives from any surface. Beefier than regular De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™, works lightening fast on even tougher adhesives and residue.
Bonding agentsCaulk, silicone, asphaltic cement, roofing tar and other bonding agents are no match for Pro Strength Contractors’ Solvent™. Simply apply and keep moist and Pro Strength Contractors’ Solvent™breaks the bond in minutes.
LubricantsEquipment and tool oil, grease and lubricant removal from concrete, tools, wood, autos, clothing, skin and hair. If it’s a lubricant, Pro Strength Contractors’ Solvent™ removes it LIGHTENING FAST!
Wet paintPro Strength Contractors’ Solvent™ removes fresh oil-based paint, stain and lacquers from virtually any surface. Removes fresh, but won’t harm dry painted surfaces once cured.
Fresh foam insulationPro Strength Contractors’ Solvent™ removes fresh GREAT STUFF®, Dow® and other brands of expanding foam insulation while they are still wet. Works on skin, hair, concrete, clothing and more when you act FAST.
WaxRemoves wax of any kind, including surfboard wax, grimy wash tub soap buildup and much more. Terrific even on clothing, skin and hair.
and moreA beefier version of De-Solv-it Citrus Solution™, Pro Strength Contractors’ Solvent™ even removes glue gun adhesives, rubber cement, petroleum and cable jelly and other heavy-duty gooey challenges with no harmful vapors.

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